Fictional short story in the Kenyon Review

Here's a link to a fictional short story in the Kenyon Review entitled "Esther Donnaly" by Ron Carlson. It's about a married couple putting things back together. It cheered me up. It's not quite the same topic area as what I've been writing, but I feel that professional courtesy requires me to call out good writing when I see it.

The coveted first royalty check!

More promotional things going on!

I got interviewed about my book on Come Receive the Light, a program on the Orthodox Christian Network. My interview is the second half of this particular segment. It went pretty well, although Skype proved to be a pretty fickle medium.

I've also sent my book to Google Books, which will make 20 percent of the book available for reading as a sample.

I'm still looking for speaking opportunities. Promoting a first book is harder than it looks! Thanks for all your support!

Ancient Faith Radio interview!

I got interviewed on Ancient Faith Radio, an Internet radio station! Check it out!

Let me know if you're going to a youth conference over spring break or something (especially in the West). I'd love to write the organizers and come speak.

A blogger interviewed me about my book!

Here's a link to an interview with me about my book, Heaven Help the Single Christian:

And, if you're interested in buying the book, click here.

Promotional video for the book!

With the help of many friends, I have made a promotional video for Heaven Help the Single Christian! Please tell all of your friends. And, maybe a few enemies, too.  :-)