The Shy Single Christian's Guide to Coffee Hour

Hey everybody! I have gotten a new article, The Shy Single Christian's Guide to Coffee Hour published on the Boundless Webzine. I am really excited about this! Forward it to all your friends, tell them to buy my book!


Anonymous said...

Stumbled upon your site by sheer luck. Wishing the best for Ya!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Was there a lot more here on this blog once, or am I imagining things? :-)

We live in Dneprorudny. I seem to remember finding your blog several years ago, and just being amazed at the connections. Aren't you the tall American who used to ride around on a bicycle and wear a helmet?

I remembered a blog post where you wrote about different ways that people refer to themselves as Orthodox, and I thought it was really insightful, but now I don't remember what it was that you said.... or was that you at all?
--Phyllis (